• Issue 9 - the Summer edition

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    Welcome to the annual summer edition of Design Anthology. This is one issue the D/A team looks forward to each year for the mix of tropical, waterside and weekender homes that leave me dreaming of a sunny getaway. All the more so this year, as anyone living in Hong Kong can attest, as one of the coldest winters on record has become one of the greyest and dreariest springs I can remember in my ten years in the city.

    Let’s hope the skies are clearer and the weather a little sunnier by the time this issue goes to print — but just in case, we have a selection of suitably wanderlust-inducing homes from  Japan, Australia, Hong Kong and Singapore to sate your appetite.

    We have our usual roundup of hotel openings, plus a longer feature on what we believe to be a game-changer in the hospitality scene: the new Katamama hotel in Bali. Run by Indonesian hospitality group PTT Family in an Andra Matin-designed building, and with interiors that brim with locally sourced furnishings and objets d’art, the Katamama brings new meaning to the word ‘authenticity’.


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